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Updated: 10 May, 2019
How To Get Poloniex API Keys

Steps to obtain the Poloniex keys. Log in to your Poloniex Account Navigate to 'API KEYS' via the menu drop down. Click on 'Create new key'.The system may ask for further authentication and require an email confirmation. Confirm the key

Rise of Bitcoin Prices
Updated: 10 May, 2019
$1000 Invested In Bitcoin In 2015, Is Now Worth?

Despite the fluctuation and volatility of prices, in general, Bitcoin prices have risen since inception. We were curious about what that means in terms of actual dollar investment. So for fun, we built a little tool, What Is My Crypto

Updated: 8 May, 2019
How To Get Coinbase Pro API Keys

Here are the steps to create API keys from your Coinbase Pro account. Log in to your API profile at Coinbase ProClick on the 'NEW API KEY' button.For Permissions, check View only. Click on 'CREATE API KEY' and copy the

Updated: 30 Apr, 2019
Could Blockchain Technology Stop the Spread of Fake News?

While charges of direct Russian meddling and worries about insecure voting machines dominated headlines in the wake of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, an even bigger threat was brewing under the surface. And unlike hacked voting machines and nefarious foreign

Updated: 30 Apr, 2019
How To Create Binance API Keys

Here are the steps to create API keys from your Binance account. Log in to your Binance AccountNavigate to Account page. In the API section click on enable/API Setting.Enter the API label 'Path app' and click on 'Create new key'.The

Updated: 30 Apr, 2019
5 Tips to Help You Survive Filing Your Taxes

As you begin to contemplate filling out your taxes this year, your heart might be filled with dread as palpitations of fear or frustration begin to develop. From the thought of getting audited to the unpleasantness of finding out you

Path Tax Audit FAQ
Updated: 23 Apr, 2019
FAQ: Audit Failed Message

To ensure the accuracy of data in an account, our system performs simple audits of the transaction data received before generating gain/loss reporting. A common check is to ensure that the debit amount is never greater than the credit amount.

Updated: 30 Apr, 2019
Gaining from Your Losses: Harvesting the Pain Could Mean Big Tax Savings

It was not that long ago that cryptocurrency investors were counting their gains and worrying about their tax bills. Back then, both early adopters and latecomers were being handsomely rewarded, with new all-time highs coming on a daily, and sometimes

Updated: 22 Apr, 2019
Blockchain Interoperability Through Atomic Swaps – Building Web 3.0

As of now, there are thousands of blockchains either operational or in development. Public, permissionless blockchains for the peer-to-peer transfer of assets and information, and private enterprise-grade blockchains for industrial applications. As more and more project teams pursue innovation in

Updated: 26 Apr, 2019
Known Issues And Challenges With Exchanges API

The driving force for Path.'s API platform is to 'Make Crypto Easy' for everyone. We do the hard work behind the scene so a developer can focus on building amazing products. However, there are some fundamental issues with the core