updated: 17 Jul, 2019
Is there a Future for Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Basics Cryptocurrency is a constant topic of conversation, especially as the popularity of blockchain and Bitcoin continues to grow. As society has progressed, we have transitioned from trading and bartering to paying for goods and services with cash and

updated: 17 Jul, 2019
How To Get Kraken API Keys

These steps show you how to obtain READ only keys from the Kraken exchange. 1) Log in to your Karken Account. 2) Navigate to Settings->API via the dropdown for the user account. 3) Click on the '+Generate New Key' button.

updated: 17 Jul, 2019
How to Buy Bitcoins

As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are interested in purchasing them. There are several different ways to obtain bitcoin, including exchanges, peer-to-peer directories, and Bitcoin ATMs. To own Bitcoin, you must first have a Bitcoin

updated: 2 Jul, 2019
What is Facebook Libra?

Facebook has announced it will be launching its own cryptocurrency in early 2020 called Libra. The goal of this blockchain-driven currency is to reduce transaction fees and complexity, as well as give greater access to a stable currency and payment

updated: 8 Jul, 2019
A Beginner’s Guide to Using Bitcoin

If you're new to Bitcoin, you're probably mystified by how all of it actually works. How would you go about getting a Bitcoin, keeping it or spending it? What follows is a high-level description of how the system works. First,

updated: 15 Jul, 2019
How To Get Poloniex API Keys

These are steps to obtain the Poloniex API keys. 1) Log in to your Poloniex Account. 2) Navigate to API Keys via the menu drop down. 3) Click on Create new key. The system may ask for further authentication and

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
$1000 Invested In Bitcoin In 2015, Is Now Worth?

Despite the fluctuation and volatility of prices, in general, Bitcoin prices have risen since inception. We were curious about what that means in terms of actual dollar investment. So for fun, we built a little tool, What Is My Crypto

updated: 15 Jul, 2019
How To Get Coinbase Pro API Keys

Here are the steps to create READ ONLY API keys from your Coinbase Pro (GDAX) account. 1) Log in to your API profile at Coinbase Pro 2) Click on the 'NEW API KEY' button. For Permissions, check View only. 3)

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
Could Blockchain Technology Stop the Spread of Fake News?

While charges of direct Russian meddling and worries about insecure voting machines dominated headlines in the wake of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, an even bigger threat was brewing under the surface. And unlike hacked voting machines and nefarious foreign

updated: 15 Jul, 2019
How To Create Binance API Keys

Here are the steps to create API keys from your Binance account. 1) Log in to your Binance Account 2) Navigate to the Account page. In the API section click on enable/API Setting. 3) Enter the API label 'Path app'