updated: 17 Jul, 2019
Is there a Future for Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Basics Cryptocurrency is a constant topic of conversation, especially as the popularity of blockchain and Bitcoin continues to grow. As society has progressed, we have transitioned from trading and bartering to paying for goods and services with cash and

updated: 2 Jul, 2019
What is Facebook Libra?

Facebook has announced it will be launching its own cryptocurrency in early 2020 called Libra. The goal of this blockchain-driven currency is to reduce transaction fees and complexity, as well as give greater access to a stable currency and payment

updated: 8 Jul, 2019
A Beginner’s Guide to Using Bitcoin

If you're new to Bitcoin, you're probably mystified by how all of it actually works. How would you go about getting a Bitcoin, keeping it or spending it? What follows is a high-level description of how the system works. First,

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
Gaining from Your Losses: Harvesting the Pain Could Mean Big Tax Savings

It was not that long ago that cryptocurrency investors were counting their gains and worrying about their tax bills. Back then, both early adopters and latecomers were being handsomely rewarded, with new all-time highs coming on a daily, and sometimes

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
Is Cryptocurrency Money?

Thousands of years ago, conch shells were money. Feathers, stones, and precious metals are other examples of money that have all been used throughout history to settle debts, facilitate trade, and store wealth. If we can consider these commodities to

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
Cryptocurrency and the IRS: What Every Investor Needs to Know

If you were lucky enough to be an early adopter of Bitcoin, you are probably sitting on some enormous gains. If you bought into the Bitcoin hysteria and purchased your virtual currency at the peak, you may be sitting on

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
Guide to Starting a Career in Blockchain

You could be an expert programmer or developer looking to diversify your skill set. You could be just starting out in the job market, or looking for a change. Or you could have seen the word "blockchain" in the news

updated: 28 May, 2019
Why I wrote ANOTHER Cryptocurrency Coin Tracker

People should not do the work that software can do — Jeff Bezos In early August, I soft-launched Path. Crypto Tax Manager. It is yet another product in the crowded ‘coin tracker’ space. So why? My first encounter with cryptocurrency was in mid-2013 when a