What are IRS Tax letters 6173, 6174, 6174-A for Crypto Investors?

Kryptowährung, as the most momentous application of blockchain technology, was originally envisioned as a game-changer on a civilizational scale: Decentralizing the distribution and flow of money, independent of politics of any central body.Incapable of being tampered with, without stealing private

How To Generate Gemini API Keys

Here are the steps to create READ ONLY keys for the Gemini Exchange. The API keys are used to read your transaction history only. Log in to your Gemini AccountNavigate to 'API Settings' via the drop-down of your name at

What Countries Are Doing to Secure Their Place in The Future Tech Marketplace

Various economies of the world have diverse ways of generating revenue. For some countries, oil is the major source of income. Others have found a niche in agriculture while some other economies are giants of manufacturing. No matter what an

Gibt es eine Zukunft für Kryptowährung?

Cryptocurrency Basics Cryptocurrency is a constant topic of conversation, especially as the popularity of blockchain and Bitcoin continues to grow. As society has progressed, we have transitioned from trading and bartering to paying for goods and services with cash and

Wie Kraken API Keys To Get

Diese Schritte zeigen Ihnen, wie Nur-Lese-Schlüssel aus dem Krake Austausch erhalten. 1) Melden Sie sich bei Ihrem Konto Karken. 2) Navigate to Settings->API via the dropdown for the user account. 3) Click on the '+Generate New Key' Taste.

Wie kaufen Bitcoins

As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are interested in purchasing them. There are several different ways to obtain bitcoin, including exchanges, peer-to-peer directories, and Bitcoin ATMs. To own Bitcoin, you must first have a Bitcoin

How To Bitstamp API-Schlüssel erstellen

The following steps describe how to generate API keys for the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange. 1) Log in to your Bitstamp Account 2) Navigate to 'Account' and select 'Security' from the side menu. Click 'API Access'. 3) Click on 'New API

What is Facebook Libra?

Facebook has announced it will be launching its own cryptocurrency in early 2020 called Libra. The goal of this blockchain-driven currency is to reduce transaction fees and complexity, as well as give greater access to a stable currency and payment

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Bitcoin

If you're new to Bitcoin, you're probably mystified by how all of it actually works. How would you go about getting a Bitcoin, keeping it or spending it? What follows is a high-level description of how the system works. Zuerst,

How To Generate Bittrex API Keys

Here are the steps to generate read-only API keys for the Bittrex exchange. 1) Log in to your Bittrex Account 2) Navigate to Settings->API Keys 3) Click on the 'Add new key…' 4) For the 'New Key' select the READ