updated: 12 Aug, 2019
What are IRS Tax letters 6173, 6174, 6174-A for Crypto Investors?

Cryptocurrency, as the most momentous application of blockchain technology, was originally envisioned as a game-changer on a civilizational scale: Decentralizing the distribution and flow of money, independent of politics of any central body.Incapable of being tampered with, without stealing private

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
5 Tips to Help You Survive Filing Your Taxes

As you begin to contemplate filling out your taxes this year, your heart might be filled with dread as palpitations of fear or frustration begin to develop. From the thought of getting audited to the unpleasantness of finding out you

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
Gaining from Your Losses: Harvesting the Pain Could Mean Big Tax Savings

It was not that long ago that cryptocurrency investors were counting their gains and worrying about their tax bills. Back then, both early adopters and latecomers were being handsomely rewarded, with new all-time highs coming on a daily, and sometimes

updated: 30 Apr, 2019
Cryptocurrency Taxes: A Guide for Savers and Investors

If you’ve invested in cryptocurrency over the past year, you may wonder if you owe any taxes because of this. But finding information about how to calculate cryptocurrency taxes is difficult. This article will explain how you can determine the

updated: 28 Jun, 2019
Cryptocurrency and the IRS: What Every Investor Needs to Know

If you were lucky enough to be an early adopter of Bitcoin, you are probably sitting on some enormous gains. If you bought into the Bitcoin hysteria and purchased your virtual currency at the peak, you may be sitting on