How To Create Bitstamp API Keys

The following steps describe how to generate API keys for the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange.

1) 登錄到您的 Bitstamp Account

2) Navigate to帳戶and selectSecurityfrom the side menu. ClickAPI Access“.

Bitstamp Screen

3) Click onNew API Keyat the top right.

4) For permissions, 校驗 Account balance, User transactions. (Leave the other fields blank.)

Bitstamp Permission Screen

5) Click onGENERATE KEY“. (You may need to enter a ‘Two-Factor Authentication Codeif enabled.)

6) The system will take you back to the API ACCESS screen. Click onACTIVATE KEY“. The system will require an email confirmation. Confirm the key activation via the email sent by Bitstamp.

7) 當通過電子郵件確認重定向到API屏幕, make a copy of the API information provided.

8) For the Customer ID, navigate to the account balance page

9) Copy theCustomer IDnumber located on the top right.